Refer to Australian Curriculum
Reflect upon the behaviour displayed and describe the approaches you could use to guide and support the child. While these scenarios present complex issues which relate to ethnicity and culture, students are reminded that the focus of this Case Analysis is to explore the behaviour displayed, respond with effective strategies whilst critically considering principles, policies and practices, and to identify and clarify the role of appropriate professionals and/or support agencies in supporting teachers, children and families.

When approaching your case study response, remember that you have a snap shot of information about the learner. Therefore, careful consideration is needed when identifying reasons for the behaviour, providing strategies with the consideration of policies and practices, and considering appropriate professionals and/or support agencies.

An exemplary case analysis will provide:
identificationanddiscussionof a variety of effective strategies and interventions that could support the learner in the case study in the learning environment to make decisions and guide their own behaviour
identificationof how you would plan and prepare the physical and social environment to contribute to the childs relationship with others, support learning, and adhere to positive models of behaviour management
considerationanddiscussionof the behaviour framework, strategy and model you would apply for your chosen case study
discussionof theories that have been used to guide approaches to behaviour management
identificationof how you can make effective use of principles, policies and practices used for establishing and maintaining a productive learning environment
identificationand clarification of the role of external agencies and professionals in supporting teachers, children and families.

Case analysis format
When writing your response the following structure is recommended:
Case study 1
Shannon is an eleven-year-old child who attends a primary school in a large city where you are her classroom teacher. Shannon has been discussed at the ‘students at risk’ meeting with all upper primary school and specialist teachers, as her attention to her academic work, and engaging with work in her classes, has started to diminish. Shannon is very social and appears to be very confident. She talks about her personal appearance and wanting to have the latest trends in fashion and make up. Shannon is very influential towards her peers and other girls within the school. It is noticeable that Shannon is speaking out of turn in class, and disrupting other students that are trying to work. She can additionally be disrespectful towards some of the specialist teaching staff. Shannon believes that certain teachers are ‘constantly picking’ on her. In many cases, Shannons peers are willing to take the blame for her unacceptable behaviour. You have been trying to engage with her family but are not having any successneither parent is responding to emails or phone calls.

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