Reading Response Paper
Your reading response paper will replace your final exam. You will respond to ONE assigned reading of your choice (any assigned reading from weeks 1-10 as listed on the syllabus).
– In 750-1000 words double-spaced, briefly summarize and describe the assigned reading. (this summary should be in your introduction paragraph/one paragraph max).
– Reflect on and analyze some part/parts of the reading. This can be part of the reading that most interested you, confused you, etc. Make sure to explain what the section(s) of the reading you’ve chosen reflects about the reading overall.
– Make an argument that explains: a) why you’re writing about the part(s) of the reading you’ve chosen, b) how you’re analyzing or making sense of what you’ve read, and c) why you agree, partially agree, or disagree with the author.
– Your thesis statement (main argument) should be in towards the end of your first paragraph and should be approximately 1-2 sentences. Put your thesis statement in bold.
– Note that this should NOT be a compare and contrast paper. However, it is appropriate and encouraged to make connections to the lectures and other course readings when applicable, as long as your paper clearly focuses on one reading.
– Use at least three key terms/or concepts from class/or the readings in your response. Put these terms in bold.
– Please format these reflections so that your argument is clear to the reader.
– Grading: These assignments are graded out of 30 points. A top grade will reflect solid
understanding of the material; the ability to state the author’s ideas in your own words; a clear
analysis of the reading; a compelling argument based on this analysis; relevant connections to the course; and no grammar or spelling mistakes that impair comprehension.
– Papers that go over or under the word count are subject to grade penalties. Headings, titles, citations, etc. don’t count towards your length. A works cited page or bibliography is not required; do not use outside sources. Consult your TA with any questions.
No late submissions will be accepted! Please plan accordingly.
I would like to focus on the reading of the bodhi tree grows in LA.. For the term words during lectures, I inserted a ppt from one of my lectures that is related to the reading. For one additional reading to support the thesis, I’ve included two chapters of the book From Patmos.
unfortunately, i do not have the complete version of the book. If needed, spark notes and summaries are available online. Thank you!

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