Project 2: Business Report with Visuals
Length (including reasonably placed and sized visuals): 4 to 6 pages with footnote citations
Font: 12-point Garamond or similar font
Submission format: PDF
Citation style: APA. You will need to include at least one outside academic article or other resource that provides factual information about social media marketing or similar (see below).
Document format: Short report, 6th level (see our textbook page 437); letter style with visuals. Visuals may include screenshots, graphs, charts, etc. Each visual image included will require an APA citation and captions. Footnote citations in APA style mandatory.
Rhetorical situation (PAST):
Purpose: to gather and interpret information for your organization.
Audience: your primary audience is the CEO or head of your company, your secondary audience is the people responsible to the organization’s PR or marketing.
Your stance is neutral, you are reporting your observations of the current state of the business’s social media presence. You will need to conclude your report with a brief list of recommendations (around 3+/- suggestions).
Your tone is impersonal and formal (see this handout about tone (Links to an external site.)). (Obviously ignore the references to the textbook reading on the handout’s page 2)
Brief definition: According to our textbook a report is “an orderly and objective communication of factual information that enables key decision makers to make an informed decision” (Rentz & Lentz, 2021, p. 382).
Context: a little bit about “why this assignment?”: As our textbook reports, “almost everyone in a professional role prepares reports” (Rentz & Lentz, 2021, p. 383). Reports vary in purpose and content. The purpose of your report is to gather information on your organization’s social media accounts. Past student evaluations and surveys have stated this assignment was the one they valued the most, even though many found it to be the most challenging of the semester.

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