Research Topic: “Prevention of Identity theft and Healthcare insurance Fraud in the US: A case study of US national Medicaid Insurance holders and their experience ”
Level: Master level research dissertation to be submitted for master of health administration.
1. Front page
2. Copyright page
3. Research Certification page
4. Thesis Approval Page
5. Acknowledgement Page
6. Dedication Page
7. Abstract Page
8. Table of Contents. Page
Chapter I. Introduction( 1500 Words) 1.1.Research Project Question
1.2. Background : Project Description
1.3. Aims and Objectives
1.4. Significance of the study
1.5. Scope and description of the study 1.6.Assumptions, Limitations and Delimitation of the report
Chapter 2. Background research(3500 words) Core Literature Review
Chapter 3. Method justification and Explanation(1500 words)
Chapter 4. Results and Analysis (3500 words)
Chapter 5. Recommendations and Implementation(2000 words)

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