please come up with a theme, concept, or question about one of the texts that we have read–this can include all poems, plays, and short stories—we will NOT be choosing the articles ABOUT the short stories, or about literature
THE GOAL/PURPOSE: is to discuss some examples/quotes from your sources and explain HOW or WHY these examples are helpful in understanding the topic/question you are interested in about the text. We then want to have examples from the story/poem/play that connect to these sources AND that show the theme/question/topic–your goal is to explain what these examples show AND how these examples/quotes can be understood and interpreted by using the sources/connecting them to your sources. We want to discuss how the sources we found can help us to analyze the examples from the text. Again, we want to make sure that we are really focused on ONE THEME/QUESTION/IDEA that we found in the story/poem/play–this is how we will be able to find helpful sources.You can use the internet for helping you get more background on a topic or author or to help you answer basic questions. The articles or book sources we should find through the library. We have access to much more through the library bc of all of the databases–online we only get a small fraction of what we can access through library research. You can use Wikipedia for finding links to sources–AT THE BOTTOM OF A WIKI PAGE, you can see sources for example.

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