Writer MUST have Book
Type an essay or reflective writing
APA/Turabian format
1in margin
Cite 2/3 references
Directions please use information from page 39 -53
Please Note to Provide introduction that support the strong thesis statement . Make sure the paper
outlines each of the main topics that is being discussed , provide a conclusion section that summarizes
All outcomes that has been learned . The paper must follow the rubric
Times New Roman
12 font
Number each page
cover page needed
Provide 2 Scholarly references
The book to reference is The Public Administration
Workbook by Dennis Dresang
Pages- 69 -139
Paper is on Organizational Structure
No Cover Page
Provide evidence that references 2/3 Biblical
All Directions MUST Be follwed
Rubric (Grade A+)
are required
23 (23.00%) – 25 (25.00%)
All posts display clear content mastery and relate precisely
to the assigned topic.
23 (23.00%) – 25 (25.00%)
Posts are balanced in their approach to the topic, but
provide evidence of a clear, well-researched position on the topic.
18 (18.00%) – 20 (20.00%)Unique contributions are made to the
discussion in both the thread and 2 replies.
9 (9.00%) – 10 (10.00%)
Correct spelling and grammar are used throughout essay.
Posts contain fewer than 2 errors in grammar or spelling that distract the
reader from the content.
9 (9.00%) – 10 (10.00%)
Minimal errors (12) are present in the interpretation or
execution of current APA format.
9 (9.00%) – 10 (10.00%)
Required word count of 400500 words for the thread and
250300 words for each reply is met. Thread includes at least 2 references
in current APA format and each reply includes at least
Each discussion requires 1 reference in current APA format.
require a minimum of 2 peer-reviewed
Biblical reference points that are relatable to the topic
stated in directions
This paper should be thoroughly and
precisely done accurately and on a Master level scholar writing expert and Times New Roman 12 font 1 in margin
APA 7th edition

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