hi, this is marketplace simulation game. the name of the company is City bikes.I have done the game just need it to write a report about it. and the focus of the report is on promoting. example attached and another doc with some explanation of what I’ve done. also learning martials attached and excel sheets for my all decisions i made.. please follow this structure. Introduction (Overview of decisions in Quarter 1) (approximately 100 words)
Promotion – Quarter 2 to 6 (decisions made in relation to appropriate theories) (approximately 800 words)
Conclusion (approximately 100 words).
Assessment details
On completion of the Simulation, you are asked to develop a critical report that will take the reader through your journey of decisions throughout the simulation. The reflection should focus on the Promotion aspect of the 4 P’s for one customer segment of your choice.
Important: When writing your report, focus on producing a critical reflection on your decisions and not just a reiteration of the decisions you made. You must include a discussion on the theories that guided your decision, what worked, why you think it worked, what didn’t work and what do you intend to do differently if you were to do this exercise again.

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