Emphatically, the film must be on a subject of U.S. history from the Pre-Columbian period to 1877. This criterion is essential to the assignment. If the
film does not comply with this criterion, the assignment will receive a zero.
Writing the Review:
Your review of the film you choose must be at least five (5) typed pages in MS WORD, double-spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font, with one-inch
margins around the page. Use Chicago Manual of Style formatting and annotation.

Your film review is more than just a plot summary of the film. It is a critical essay that shows your ability to think critically and analytically about films you
view. Your review is a well-informed, thoughtful, articulate analysis of the film, discussing its strengths and weaknesses. Here is the way to organize your film review:
List the title of your film, when it first came out, and its director.
Identity the films most important characters and the actors who play them? Is the casting good?
Describe the films setting, location, time period, and circumstances.
Provide a brief summary of the movie.

Based on your study of the period covered by your film, does the film seem accurate in its treatment of the periods historical events?
Do a Google search for reviews of the film you chose. Choose two reviews; they can be opposing views, but that is not necessary.
Whats important is that they are well written reviews. You will find good film reviews in the New York Times, Slate.com, NPR, and the Wall Street Journal.
Summarize the two reviews you chose.
Make your own assessment of the movie based on your viewing and the reviews you read of it. Consider such questions as: What group of people would like this movie (demographics)? All movies teach a lesson (theme/moral). What did you learn from this movie?

Emphatically!!! Cite your sources correctly and carefully.
Choose a feature film on a topic from the period studied in this course. Here are two Film lists for help in seleting your film.

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