Psychology 14: Book Analysis: Review (3 to 6 pages)
A book review does not only provide a summary of content and tell you what a book is about (although this is important), but also offers an analysis of the book, the story it shares, and your reactions to it. Choose a book from the list provided. After reading the book, you will need to write a review. Keep in mind the information that you have learned in class, from the text, and the DSM-5. Most of the book options are memoirs, case studies, or personal accounts, however, some may be fictional depictions of characters with a mental illness. If you have another option, please get instructor approval first. Be sure to obtain a copy of the book early in the semester so that you can read it throughout the course.
My Book: Hidden Valley Road: Inside the Mind of an American Family
Introduction (one to two paragraphs)
Bibliographic information
author, title, date of publication, type of book
Brief overview of the theme and the author’s purpose for writing the book
Summary of the main content in the book (2-3 pages)
-Overview/synopsis of the story provided in the book
Should provide enough details so that a person who has not read the book will understand the plot.
Should include specific information about the main character.
Needs to include a description of its connection to psychology.
-Character’s diagnosis and symptoms displayed or discussed in the book.
Give specific examples of symptoms that match the DSM-5 criteria for the diagnosis given. If the symptoms do not match the diagnosis, explain.
Is the “cause” of the character’s disorder mentioned? Does it match the research from the psychological world? Discuss.
-Treatment received by the character.
Does it match what might be used to treat the disorder today? Explain why or why not.
Did the treatment seem to help? How so or why not? Can you relate it to one or more of the perspectives discussed in class?
Is there another treatment method that might be recommended today? Explain.
If there was no treatment given, explain how the disorder should/could be treated by a psychologist and/or psychiatrist.
Evaluation and Conclusion (1 to 2 pages)
-provide your opinion about the book.
Is the book interesting, entertaining, instructive?
Does the book reduce the stigma of mental illness and seeking treatment? Or does it contribute to it?
How does the book enhance/reduce knowledge that can be learned by society about psychological disorders? What did you learn?
Do you have any unanswered questions after reading the book?
-your recommendation
Would you recommend this book to others? Why or why not? Is yes, who specifically might find this book useful?
-please be sure to proofread for errors, use proper grammar and spelling, and DO NOT PLAGIARIZE
-late assignments will not be accepted. Please plan ahead.
Helpful example of a book review (be sure to follow and include the requirements above for grading purposes)

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