PROFESSOR INSTRUCTIONS: The “Smoky the Bear Sutra” is poet Gary Snyder’s attempt to bring out environmental concerns in Buddhism in a lightly comic but totally serious way. How does he use elements of traditional Buddhism to create his “sutra”? In what ways are Buddhism and environmentalism well-matched? (You may also find some ideas about this in the readings referred to in 10a.) Do you recognize elements of particular sutras that we’ve studied, echoed and gently parodied? Which particular sutras do you hear being echoed?
ADDITIONAL INSTRUCTIONS: Read the pdf attached called “Smokey the Bear Sutra.” Then respond to the professor’s questions under “Professor Instructions.” The response requires at least 3 IN-TEXT citations. These are required so please, PLEASE add them. I will provide a sample student response as an example for how a response should look in terms of writing and citations. You can speak in the first person point-of-view if you’d like.
Please reach out with any questions.

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