While acceptable for this paper, a few of your sources do not meet the standards for peer reviewed academic articles and therefore will not count in your annotated bibliography. You will want to replace these with sources that meet the requirements set in the videos for the announcement the week that paper is due.
Thats a note from my professor regarding paper 408827293 and 412361041.
Required Resources
Read/review the following resources for this activity:
Textbook: review Chapter 6
Link (Word doc): Source Evaluation Worksheet download(Download and save doc as “[your name] Annotated Bibliography”)
Minimum of 5 scholarly sources (You may include sources you developed in Week 3 if they meet scholarly criteria).
You have arrived at the third part of the Course Project. By this week, you should have collected the sources that you need to support, with relevant evidence, the position you have taken on the issue you chose, and the three aspects of the issue you will write about. This week you will submit a thesis statement and an annotated bibliography of at least five sources that you will use in your paper.
Here is a brief breakdown of the project so that you can plan your time in the course:
Week 1
Topic Selection
Week 3
Issue Review (both sides)
Week 5
Thesis & Annotated Bibliography (both sides)
Week 7
Argumentative Paper
This week, submit the following:
A thesis statement stating your opinion/conclusion on the issue, the supporting points you will offer and at least one relevant opposing view you will address.
An annotated bibliography with evaluation of at least five (5) sources you intend to use in your final paper to support your claim.
These are sources that provide evidence to support that your claim should be accepted by the reader.
Scholarly sources are preferred and should be used where available; due to the nature of some of the topics, authoritative articles in very high quality substantive journals may also be acceptable.
Use the Source Evaluation Worksheet to determine the following:
If your source is current
If it is not current, explain why you think it is acceptable.
If your source is credible, reliable, and authoritative
How well your source supports your thesis
If the annotation does not make this obvious, explain to your instructor how you will use it.
If your support is popular
If it is, explain to your instructor why you think it is acceptable.
Prepare a citation, annotation, and evaluation for each source.
Click on the following link for an example:
Link: How to Complete the Source Evaluation Worksheet
Writing Requirements (APA format)
Length: 100-150 words per source for Part 1; 50-80 words per source for Part 2 (not including title page or references page)
1-inch margins
Double spaced
12-point Times New Roman font
Title page
References page
Some announcements from my professor regarding it:
This week you will be adding to your Course Project with a 2 part Assignment where you state your thesis and then give an annotated bibliography for at least 5 scholarly sources.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Regard the info in this announcement carefully (including the videos). Some students fail the Annotated Bibliography because they either did not pay attention to what is here, or they did not view it at all.
A. Here is a recorded video from a previous term where I go through the Week 5 Assignment in some detail.
There may be a bit of info in this that is outdated given I recorded it for a different term, but the stuff about the paper will still apply and be helpful.
Play media comment.
At this point you have picked a topic. Some of you already know the position you are going to take, but not all of you, so this is the point of the thesis. In this assignment you are going to state clearly and carefully the exact position you are going to argue for. In my opinion and experience nailing your thesis is the most important part of any paper. You need to state clearly and concisely what your position is so that you can track your argument in the body of your paper.
The first requirement for this paper is that you state your thesis. Many students miss points due to simply not stating their thesis.
Here is a video to help you make your thesis stronger for your final paper.
This is an important part to doing research the right way. There are many helpful links and examples at the assignment instructions so be sure to look those over very carefully.
It is very important that you use academic (scholarly, peer-reviewed) articles. Students who do not use academic articles will lose many points in this assignment and then be forced to go back and find appropriate articles, a waste of time and energy.
NOTE: The following are not academic sources and all show up in this assignment frequently:
-Blog posts (even from places like Harvard or Oxford)
-News Stories (even from reputable news sources like The New York Times)
-Websites (even from .org and .gov sites)
-Popular periodical stories (even from highly regarded publications like The Economist and The Atlantic)
-Encyclopedia articles (even from Philosophy Encyclopedias)
Here is an of how to do one of your annotated bibliographies. Notice that the following:
1. This is from an academic journal [The Economic Journal]. It meets the requirements set out in the other announcements
2. Notice that they give the full bibliographic information for that journal [128(609) p 652-682], not a link. A link is not a full bibliographic entry.
3. This student chose to do this in two paragraphs- the first is the summary and the second responds to the questions concerning the source itself from the worksheet. Students could also do all this work in 1 paragraph. The important part is that you respond to the points from the worksheet, the actual formatting is less important.
4. This is only one source, so you are expected to do this work for each source that you use. so your actual assignment should be 5 times longer than this — it should be 5 of these in a row after you give your thesis.

Cairo, I., & Cajner, T (2018). Human Capital and Unemployment Dynamics: Why More Educated Workers Enjoy Greater Employment Stability. The Economic Journal. 128(609) p 652-682.
The main point is to evaluate the difference between workers with higher education and workers
with a high school diploma based on data and information. Also, they assess the benefits of job
security and better pay. There is vital information about unemployment rates throughout the
years and the relationship between a college degree and no college degree. This article supports
that if a student has access to higher education, they will have job security and confirm that an
advanced and educated society will benefit from providing free college. The author argues the
positivity of having a more educated society.
This article is still current is two years old, and relevant to the thesis. This is a scholarly source
and is authoritative, credible, and reliable. The authors hold a Ph.D. in economics and work for
The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. They are experts in macroeconomics
and Labor Economics with extensive work in research. This article supports the thesis in the fact
that having a higher education improves social economics.
IMPORTANT: These two videos will help you be sure you have located scholarly, peer reviewed, academic papers (the number 1 reason students lose points on this assignments is by using articles that do not meet the requirements set in these videos)
Here is a short video that explains what is going in this kind of paper as a whole

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