Employee Training
Final Exam
Using the
methods, theories, designs, evaluation, and other aspects throughout the
chapters, design a training event from start to finish for a type of
organization of your choice such as a fast-food/restaurant, hotel, banking,
retail, education setting, or other (note: it does not have to be a real
company) needing customer service training for approximately 100 front-line
employees. The minimum aspects to cover are below but feel free to discuss
additional factors as needed.
1. Identify the type of organization and explain how or why it
serves a customer, keeping in mind the duties and functions of the 100
front-line employees;
2. Discuss how the need for training is/was determined by using a
needs assessment model;
3. Explain how the training content and material are selected and
4. Describe technology needs and usage for the event;
5. Make a selection of training site and explain why it will
contribute to the success of the training need;
6. Make a determination for a selection of presenter(s), size of
the training session (if the group needs to be divided into more than one
session); or whether a request for proposal (RFP) is needed or used;
7. Create a room design that would be used for the training
session, and explain why it was selected and how it may contribute to the
favorable outcome of the training event;
8. Use
evaluation tools. Identify which tool(s) you will use and how you will collect
feedback. Then, provide a summary/evaluation/feedback
summary of the event, and the significance of using evaluations following a
training session.

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