The Research Paper has the following steps:
1. The Executive Summary
2. Identify the components used in the person’s business plan.
3. Identify the person’s unique management issues and discuss the
characteristics of becoming a successful entrepreneur.
4. Identify the origins of the business, how the management of assets and
risk and the accounting system is fundamentally different from larger
5. Determine the key elements of how the person maintains a competitive
advantage, prepares a balance sheet and income statement and which of
the dominant ratios they routinely employ.
6. Describe the person’s perspective of key rewards and major drawbacks in
running the business.
7. Describe the social and ethical issues the person has encountered while
running the business.
8. APA Format is required.
-Bibliography: For documentation of all sources, including internet, use APA
-Additional information: Do not use the actual names of the manager. Please choose a
pseudonym for the manager to use in this assignment. Also, don’t use the name of the
business, but rather you should refer to the type of business (i.e. fast food restaurant,
manufacturing facility, hair salon).
-The research paper should be a professional paper/format. 5-8 pages in length, Calibri
12 font, and be doubled-spaced

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