Page limit: 5 pages in total (does not include title page or references). You have the option of
either completing this assignment as a paper or you may put the required elements of this
assignment into a table. Regardless of which you choose, you must include a title page and a
reference page.

As a member of the healthcare team, you will at some point in your career be required to provide
educational information to one of your clients. To ensure that you are providing the information in an
appropriate manner for your client you need to first take into consideration their
developmental/cognitive stage and then develop educational strategies that match their
developmental stage. Once you have your educational strategies, you will then have to decide the
most developmentally appropriate communication techniques for your client.

For this assignment you are to choose one of the following clients and then identify and discuss the
developmental/cognitive stage they are in, identify developmentally appropriate educational strategies
and communication techniques and describe in your discussion of communication techniques how
you will establish rapport with this client.
Client #1
John Adams is a 70 year old who has ST-elevation in his anterior leads. You educate him on
the risks of fibrinolysis.
Client #2
Timmy Allen is an 8 year old who will be going in for a tonsillectomy in two weeks. You have
been asked to do his preoperative teaching.
Client #3
Evelyn Harder is a 6 year old with bronchoconstriction. You educate her in the use of a
metered dose inhaler.
Client #4
Samantha Davis is a 16 year old who has come into your office to seek information on birth
Client #5
Jasmine Doll is a 16 year old who dislocated her knee playing soccer. You instruct her in the
use of Entonox.
Client #6
Mr. Smith is 75 years old who has been diagnosed with hearing loss. You are to teach him
how to use his new hearing aids.

Assignment Required Elements:
1. Developmental/Cognitive Stage
Identify the developmental or cognitive stage your chosen client is in. You can use any of the
well know developmental or cognitive theories such as Piagets or Ericksons. In addition to identifying
the stage your client is in, you must discuss the major highlights of this stage.
2. Developmentally Appropriate Teaching Strategies
Identify teaching strategies that are appropriate for the developmental/cognitive stage of your
client. As an example, if your client was 3 years old, you know that they have a very short attention
span (3 5 minutes) so you would have to take that into consideration when planning your teaching
session and ensure your teaching sessions were short.
3. Developmentally Appropriate Communication Strategies Identify communication strategies that are developmentally appropriate for your client. Include
in this discussion, strategies that you would use to establish rapport with your client. As an example, if
you were talking to a 3 year old, you need to remember that a child of this age can easily misinterpret
phrases and takes words literally so need to choose your words carefully.

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