The first paragraph must include the following: Title of the Book, Name of the Author. Tell me what type of literature it is: is it Fiction, and if so, is it short story, or a novel? If it is Nonfiction, is it an essay, a biography or autobiography, etc. You must also tell me the setting of the work (time and place in which it takes place, and identify the protagonist and antagonist (main characters). Finally, tell me what the main theme of the work is.

The next several paragraphs must be a summary of the plot of the book. Tell me the sequence of events as they happen in the story. Identify some of the other principal characters, and use the list of literary terms to identify any additional literary techniques that the author uses.

The final paragraph(s) is (are) your evaluation of the book. Did you enjoy the book? Why or why not. Be specific, and provide detailed descriptions of the parts of the book you are referring to. You may use quotations taken directly from the book in order to illustrate your points.

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