The instructions are: Identify personal learning goals and objectives in a written 450-word assignment that aligns with this course. Ensure that learning goals and objectives (evidence) can be measured this semester.
I have to use one ‘Science of Reading standard’ (the one that I already chose is “Demonstrate knowledge of factors that affect vocabulary development (e.g., familial, cultural,
educational, socioeconomic, linguistic, and developmental characteristics), including the role of
frequent and wide reading in vocabulary development”).
Use the s.m.a.r.t goal questions to create the essay
Strategic. What goals are you trying to accomplish and why?
Measurable. How will you know you’ve achieved your goal? What is your intended outcome?
Attainable. What actions will you put in place to ensure you achieve this goal?
Relevant. How does this goal align with your role as an educator?
Time-bound. What is the timeline for achieving this goal?

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