Objective:  To solidify your understanding and identification with Sociological theory and your social reality.  Sociology in action can be witnessed everywhere and to be able to see how our life’s experiences and events around us mirror, and can be explained by sociological frameworks is an understanding that will add meaning to your everyday actions, interactions, as well as improve your perspective about the world you live in and give it extra meaning if you allow it to.
“Sociologists study social events, interactions, and patterns, and they develop a theory in an attempt to explain why things work as they do” (unknown)
Macro-level theories such as Functionalism and Marxism relate to large-scale issues and large groups of people, while micro-level theories such as Symbolic Interactionism look at very specific relationships between individuals or small groups.
1.    Using your knowledge and understanding of 2 macro theories (Functionalism AND Marxism) demonstrate with the use of 2 societal issues/problems (each) the theory’s perspective.  E.g. education/high school dropouts, poverty, drugs etc.  Use any 2 topics of your choice.
2.    Using the micro theory of Symbolic Interactionism, demonstrate with the use of 2 examples the theory’s perspective. Use any 2 topics of your choice.
3.    Identify and briefly explain any 3 strengths and 2 weaknesses of the 3 theories you have chosen to write about
i.    Ensure to introduce and explain your theory in summary before answering the questions and illustrating your examples.
ii.    Be sure to use proper PARAPHRASING and REFERENCING for writing your assignment.  That means using in document citation to identify authors and articles where your information has come from AND a matching reference list at the end of the document for your sources of information.
iii.    Minimum 3 reference sources of information.
iv.    COPYING AND PASTING from website content will result in a fail!
v.    Please DO NOT use BLOGS or WIKIPEDIA as these are not academically sound sources of information.  Your sources should be limited to textbooks or academic journals or management magazines and newspaper sources whether online or paper-based.

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