The way in which industry professionals managed clubs and golf courses even a decade ago has changed drastically. This is due to the ever-changing nature of customers and their buying patterns, interest level, and expectations. Understanding the current state of the club and golf industry and how to manage a clientele that has changed from a generational, demographic, and spending stand-point is pivotal for current and future success.
Club and golf management governance and facility types take on many different types and services. One size does not fit all. Please review an international review of the golf industry through the following report to gain perspective on the global influence of the game of golf.  (see attached GAW 2019 Edition 3 hi.pdf)
Now that you have gained insight on the game’s global influence let’s take a view golf’s participation from a domestic lens by reviewing the following two reports.  (see attached 2019_Golf_Participation_99MR259.pdf & NGF_Golf_Industry_Report_2019_99MR119.pdf)
Here is a rather elementary review of the different types of golf courses both in a pdf and video version (see attached A Complete Guide to All the Different Types of Golf Courses.pdf)

The off-course experience has gained considerable traction over the past few years. In general terms, as of 2020, 36M people play the game of golf in the U.S., with 12M exclusively using the off-course experience, and 24M using both the on and off course experience. Here is a neat video illustrating what the off-course experience is like right here in Las Vegas.
Of Course Offerings: TopGolf

But the Club and Golf industry is not limited just to the golf experience, although 80% of all clubs in the U.S. have a golf component. Below I have put together some resources for you to gain perspective on the Club Management side of the business.
1) CMAA Club Governance website: (Links to an external site.)
Helpful information regarding:
Common questions and answers
Club governance implementation guide
Sample board policies manual
Topic library
2) The three biggest myths about private club governance: (Links to an external site.)
3) Club trends, Purpose-Driven governance:
Read the assigned readings.
discussing ALL of the following:
Three key points that spoke to you.
How you can incorporate these lessons into your career.
Speak to your thoughts on the difference between the on and off course market and how you see this trending in the future.

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