Please use the Challenge Statement attached to help formulate research questions.
Research Questions
On Research Questions
Formulate research questions that are related to the Challenge Statement. The research questions must support the ideas or concerns delineated in the Challenge Statement. The research questions will guide the investigation of the areas pertinent to the Challenge Statement. If I can get three research questions per topic. 1. Biblical/Theological,
2. Leadership, and 3. Educational. A total of 9 research questions.
Ask general questions [no Yes / No questions]
Ask questions that use exploratory language
Formulate three (3) research questions per topic. (Total of 9 research questions)
Examples below
What does the Book of Revelation inform about political resistance?
What is Jesus’ message of diversity and inclusion in Galatians 3:28?
How to interpret Paul’s message of transformation in 1 Corinthians 5:16-17?
What is the role of pastors in developing leaders in the church?
How does a pastor leadership style impact the faith community where they serve?
How will capacitation of youth leadership impact the at-risk high school students who are exposed to drug addiction in Brooklyn, New York?
What is the process of the selecting enrichment programs in the community of Jamaica, Queens?
What does the community gain when faith organizations provide educational opportunities to dropouts?
Social Justice:
How will establishing a legal action program in the church impact senior citizens in community?
What are the principle events in the community that have negatively impacted the economy of working people?
What is the role of concerned citizens and communities of faith in questioning the government the policies of drug-related penalties?
What strategies can be applied to millennials in order to participate in ministry?

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