A research-based paper within any topic of finance, 10 pages double-spaced, Times New Romans 12 fonts, needs citation of any kind and footnote for every source.
Must have a clear and strong thesis!
Must pass the Turnitin plagiarism detection!
Must include in the introduction and conclusion why this paper is relevant to a 4th year UCLA Business Economics major.
Here are other topics recommended:
Facebook’s Libra CryptoCurrency
How important is Bitcoin? What research is the FRB undertaking on e-currency?
How to value a company? The investment banking process.
Examples of mistakes using derivative
Analyzing the 2019 Yield Curve Inversion
What is the private equity business? Who are the top 10 firms? Why?
The uploaded files are screenshots of any potential topic that can be used.
You can also pick a finance-related topic of your own as long as it follows all the instructions mentioned above.

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