Please use letter size paper.
Choose 1 of the following topics related to the Great Recession:
The housing price bubble, collapse, foreclosures, bailout of underwater mortgages
Subprime mortgages and derivatives, bailout of FNMA, Freddie Mac, and AIG
The banking industry crisis, bailout of commercial and investment banks
Write a 500-word analysis 1 of the following corrective actions taken by the Federal Reserve as a result of the crisis
Quantitative easing
Purchase of toxic assets from financial institutions
Paying interest on reserve balances
:Address the following in your analysis:
Actions taken by the Federal Reserve to mitigate the crisis
How the corrective action helped to restore stability to the financial system
How the corrective action should prevent recurrence of a similar crisis
Note: Use of charts and graphs is encouraged, with appropriate citations. Any charts or graphs retrieved from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis FRED website may only be included when the data sources used by FRED are U.S. government sources, such as the Bureau of Economic Analysis or the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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