Write a paper using the information learned thus far in
this class to explore how the national government changed from the beginning of
the nation through the many court decisions of the 1930s and answer the
has the policy/law landscape of the country changed philosophically from what
was intended, original intent, as a result of amendment, interpretation, and
court decisions?
Remember, this is a blank
canvas where you can interpret, analyze, and even opine.

o Citations
from at least 10 scholarly sources and all required readings and presentations
o 13 pages of double-spaced content, not counting the title page or references
o Double-spaced
o Turabian
Required readings are below
Barton, D. (2011). Original Intent: The Courts, The Constitution, and Religion. Aledo, Texas, WallBuilders. ISBN: 9781932225631.
Danoff, B. & Herbert, L. J. (2011). Alexis de Tocqueville and the Art of Democratic Statesmanship. Lantham, MD: Lexington Books. ISBN: 9780739145302.
Garraty, J. A., (editor). (2009). Quarrels That Have Shaped The Constitution. New York: Harper- Perennial. ISBN: 9780061320842.
Higgs, R. (2012). Crisis and Leviathan: Critical Episodes in the Growth of American Government. (Independent Studies in Political Economy) 25th Anniversary Edition. ISBN: 9781598131116.

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