Research and select a non-profit organization/program to write your grant for. This can be an organization that you work for or one that you select online (you will have to be creative/use your research skills).
Once this has been determined, we are going to write a an ‘outline’ of some of the important concepts that we will expand as we write our grant. This outline should contain:
Mission and History of your Nonprofit (this work can also be used in your formal grant, but will help me understand our starting point)
Identification/definition/impact of the problem: What problem exists and will grant money be able to solve this problem? How does this problem impact the community?
Major stakeholders: Who is directly and indirectly impacted by this problem (and by the potential solution)
What you hope to achieve: Outline the possible outcomes/activities of your proposed program. Start to think about outputs/outcomes, identifying key/realistic outcomes, and how you will measure these outcomes
Overview of program: This does not have to go into detail but provide a quick overview of the program you foresee that will help your nonprofit solve their problem.
This activity should be 2-3 pages and will contribute towards the work on your grant proposal. The more detail you can provide me, the more feedback I can provide for you before you start your larger grant proposal.

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