Chemistry/Physics The Fabric of the Cosmos: Quantum Leap, Video Written Assignment
Write on every other line. Do not use color. Black only.
Write a minimum of 3 pages
Write about 7 different ideas or facts about Quantum Mechanics that you got from the video. How does each of these facts or ideas impact science and/or how do they impact you, the way you perceive the world and your behavior? You must write at least one paragraph on each fact or idea. You may use more than one paragraph for each fact or idea but be sure it is clear when you transition from one fact or idea to another. Do not Summarize The Video. You will get a failing grade if you do. Follow the instructions.
Do not write about any of the people in the video and tell me how you liked them and were or were not inspired by them. Tell me what they discovered about the micro world and their contributions to Quantum Mechanics.
You must list at least 10 words from the video and look them up in the dictionary. These should be words that you did not know the meaning of before you watched the video. List the words and their definitions on a separate sheet attached to the end of your paper.
You will receive a test grade for your paper and a homework/class work grade for your list of words.

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