Answer each question using the correlating chapter in the book. 1 page for each answer, typed, double-spaced, 12-point font, Tim-es New Roman
CHAPTER 8: Television
How do the Nielsen Ratings impact programming? Explain the importance of ratings to commercial and public broadcasting networks.
CHAPTER 9: Digital Media
Survey government regulations regarding the internet. Consider infrastructure, content, and neutrality. Do you believe the government should do more to decrease the digital divide? Explain your answer.
CHAPTER 10: Advertising
Why is advertising not a medium? Give three non-traditional examples of advertising (as opposed to an actual ad that runs during a program). Explain one of the reasons advertising is negative.
CHAPTER 11: Public Relations
Explain the concept of crisis PR. Research and discuss some examples of excellent and poor crisis PR.
CHAPTER 12: News and Information
Explain Agenda-Setting and the role of consensus journalism. How does Herman J. Ganzs analysis of journalists values impact the discussion?
CHAPTER 13: Society, Culture and Politics
What is the role of media in political campaigns? Include TV, radio, and the increased internet media such as blogs, webcasts, and social network sites. Can anything be done to decrease influence of media.
CHAPTER 14: Law and Regulation
Is obscenity protected by the First Amendment? What criteria (tests) did the U.S. Supreme Court set in determining obscenity? Cite the cases. Should obscenity be protected? Explain your answer.

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