Post a detailed outline of your topic so far, with every requirement of the study guide clearly detailed.
Your outline should show the direction of your paper and topic. Please use an outline format showing where paragraphs will go with Roman numerals and subheadings with capital letters, etc.
Please include a bibliography of texts consulted so far.
First, identify a Spanish-Speaking country in Latin America.
Spain, Madrid
Study the history of the “conquista,” the beginning of the Spanish colonization of that country.
Investigate the nature of the tribes that lived in that country before the arrival of the Spanish.
What were their religious practices etc.
How did the First Peoples and the Spanish interact with each other over time?
How did Roman Catholicism spread through the country and impact the people?
What was the nature of the culture that developed from this mixture?
When did the first Protestant missionaries arrive in the country?
What difficulties did they face? How did they do missions?
What has been the result of their labors up until now?

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