Remember that an essay should primarily be an analysis of the issues and controversies in your chosen
topic. The discussions should be framed by a central problem to be resolved or question to be answered.
It is essential to give serious consideration of competing perspectives.

The body of the essay should be about 15 double-spaced pages of text (in Arial 10 or Times New
Roman 12 point, or equivalent sizes for other fonts). Essays are due July 23 by 5pm. LATE PAPERS
WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. A significant range of sources (10 minimum) should be used as the
research basis for the essay. A

paper that does not refer to the minimum number of sources in the body
of the essay will FAIL.
Students are required to submit their essays to in order to get credit for the
assignment. If you do not already have a Turnitin account, you should sign up with your choice of email. Students are reminded that proper credit must be given to other authors’ work. When another author’s

words are used they must be identified as quotations, by using quotation marks or indented quotations.
The use of another author’s particular ideas must also be credited in a note. All work submitted for this
class must be the student’s original work done for this class.
Your Citations must be from Academic Scholars and Peer Reviewed Books
For your topic please add each of these questions into consideration:
1) How did NAFTA play a critical impact on the development of Canadian provinces especially through trade?
2) NAFTA has generated economic growth and rising standards of living for Canadian businesses in the province
3) How has NAFTA and now USMCA affected interprovincial trade in the provinces?
4) What are the advantages and disadvantages?

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