In 1 page long answer the following:
“… a regular Muslim girl trying to make her way through the obstacle course—through the impossible, contradictory hopes the Muslim community had for her, and the infuriating confining assumptions the American put on her. A girl looking for a way to be, just be, outside that tug of war.”
From your reading of The Girl in the Tangerine Scarfby Mohja Kahf, explain who this quote is referring to, giving 4 specific examples from the book to illustrate what the statement is referring to.
Using any 2 of these scholars (Edward Said/Shirley Foster
Laila Abu Lughod-Leila Ahmed-Deniz Kandiyoti) explain how critical scholarship can help us understand people’s lives different from our own.
How can this understanding help us create a better society for all the people in it? What specific concepts/theories/arguments have you learned in the class that might enable such conditions? What are the obstacles and rewards that are brought about by such critical perspectives?

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