For this discussion board post, you must write a thoughtful answer to TWO (2) of the following questions (minimum 150 words each; please clearly label which question you are answering). Further, you must post to at least TWO (2) other students with genuine, thought provoking responses (minimum 100 words each).
1. How are tissues prepared and sectioned to produce the various tissue slides seen in this textbook?
2. How are tissues used in the body to create specific body compartments, and why is this necessary?
3. Of what medical significance is the entry into the tissue spaces of the body of a
microorganism that could degrade collagen? Name an example and describe the
disease it causes.
4. If all cells of the body arise from the same embryonic cell (zygote), how can each cell take on specific roles? Could any of these differentiated cells revert to a different cell type?
5. In some cysts and tumors, bone, hair, and even teeth can be found. How can this happen?
6. Since cartilage is avascular, how is it supplied with the essentials of life?
7. Other than to reduce bleeding and prevent microbial invasion, why are wounds sutured?
8. There appears to be an inverse relationship between potential regeneration and level of specialization of tissues. Why might this be so?

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