Can you please write a comparison between UTAUT and social network theory and their contribution to the use of social media in the workplace? Below is more details from the professor. I have attached the references he included for the comparsion.
This is our FINAL week. The final exam is for you to research, and write an APA formatted research paper around the topic of (the use of social media in the workplace) based on the use of these two major theories (UTAUT and Social Network Theory) there will not be any assignment or discussion this week. The only item that is due is the research paper.
1. UTAUT Theory
2. Social Network Theory
3. Social Exchange Theory
4. Perceptions about the usefulness of social media
5. Ethical Considerations When Using Social Media for Evidence Generation
6. A Social Networks Theory of Privacy
All of these papers are attached here for your reference. Please feel free to use more research papers to support your submission.
Final Exam (paper) Requirements:
1. Abstract
2. Introduction
3. What were the researchers’ questions they were trying to address from their topic?
4. What was the research method they used?
5. How did they collect the data?
6. Summarize their literature review process and what recommendations did they conclude?
7. What did you learn from the paper – conclusion.
7. Follow APA guidelines for your submission and feel free to include external references to support your summary (if needed)
8. Submit a minimum of 6 pages total for all papers. Feel free to add more if needed.
Please email me if you have any questions.

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