Emergency rooms are often used for non-urgent issues, creating excess unnecessary cost and workflow concerns. For this week’s discussion, please review this article:
DuvaSawko. (2020). How can EDs reduce visits for non-urgent conditions? https://www.duvasawko.com/reduce-non-urgent-emergency-room-visits/ (Links to an external site.)
Once you have read the article, relate a personal or known non-urgent emergency room visit (used and documented in the media for example) in responding to the scenario. Use the prompts below in addressing it:
• Provide context for the event being described.
• What factors were taken into the decision for the patient to visit the ED?
• What patient education was needed to avoid next non-urgent visit to ED?
• Was there an impact on the ED workflow and cost?
• What options/ methods are recommended for hospitals to prevent future non-urgent visits to the ED?
Your initial posting should be 250-500 words and must be submitted by Thursday, midnight (MT), of this week

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