For your journal entry this week, consider your experiences writing research papers and your thinking so far about the topic for your semester-long project. Then, think about the virtual library visit that you participated in as part of our course learning this week. Write a 3-5 paragraph journal entry that addresses some of the following questions:
What experience do you have conducting research, either in high school or for other classes at NYU? How confident are you in choosing sources and integrating them into a piece of writing?
When you think of “research,” what process comes to mind? How do you go about researching something for an assignment or for your own personal interest?
What ideas have you come up with so far regarding a topic or research question for your semester-long project? My research paper topic is Marine pollution.
How might research help you understand this topic/research question better? What are you looking to learn or figure out?
What are your thoughts regarding your research proposal? Do you feel confident moving into that assignment?
How will you go about conducting your research for the assignments for this course?
What questions do you have?

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