The briefs must be original from the student using the STUDENT’S OWN WORDS. An example of a case brief is located in the Modules section-Course Content-Week 1 of Canvas (Gardner and Williams cases are examples.) There are also many examples of case briefs online. Formal grammar and punctuation rules are to be used, i.e., complete sentences, commas used correctly, periods used, etc. A 12pt. font is required. Please see examples for format. The brief should contain the: 1) Citation for the case, 2) Summary of the material Facts of the case, presented in a clear, concise, and complete manner, using formal grammar and punctuation rules. 3) The Issue in question addressed by the case. 4) State the Holding of the Court in your own words. 5) Rationale/Reasoning for the Court’s holding. 6) Summary of Dissenting Each case brief is worth 100 points.

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