First, chapter 4 discusses how World War 1 and other events served to galvanize international focus on human rights generally, and racial equality, women’s rights, and decolonization specifically. It seems that war and violence has a way of forcing us to reflect on our mortality and take inventory of the world we live in. From this focus came international bodies such as The League of Nations, the precursor to The United Nations, whose primary focus was to maintain world peace. The first question is do you anticipate any events or wars occurring in the near future that could be a galvanizing force that focuses worldwide attention on human rights issues? If you do not anticipate such things happening in the near future.what type of event do you think it will take happening to create the aforementioned global focus? Or do you believe that level of focus cannot be replicated?
Secondly, one of the reasons that international bodies are hard to form and when they are formed, they are very limited in power due to nations being afraid that international bodies can possibly infringe upon their sovereignty. Do you think its plausible to have a strong international body that can enforce international human rights standards without nations feeling that their sovereignty is being compromised in the process?
textbook: The Evolution of International Human Rights: Visions Seen, by Paul Gordon Lauren

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