For this assignment, you are tasks to write and an Annotated Bibliography (AB). You should first, research what an (AB) is and then proceed to write one on ONE of the following topics as researched from a credible “peer reviewed” resource w/ a DOI number identifier!!! Guidelines explained…:
Annotated Bibliography topics to research:
Entrepreneurial Abilities
Entrepreneurial Perceptions
Entrepreneurial Readiness
Nascent Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurs with Undergraduate Degrees
Factors influencing Entrepreneurial Failure
Factors influencing Entrepreneurial Success
Note: Your reference source must be recent (within the past five years – 2016) and must be “peer reviewed” w/ DOI which means from a credible source (i.e., Valencia e-brary and database, Google Scholar, or educational journals). Additionally, this is a 100pt assignment and therefor must look like one when you submit it; do NOT assume just by turning in anything will result in a passing grade on this assignment.
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