8.1- Regarding the 1970s, you have a distinct advantage, as it is not within your lifetime but close enough that you can draw relationships between events then with now. Most issues today have roots from many years back, decades and sometimes even centuries. Your job is to learn more about an issue from the 1970s that endures today and to compare how Americans responded then with how they respond now.
Choose one of the following issues:
1970s energy crisis
conflict in the Middle East
Research the event in more detail. You may find this activity helpful in conducting research.
Use the following questions to create three well written paragraphs.
Paragraph 1: Explain why the chosen issue was a problem in the 1970s and how the government responded to the issue.
Paragraph 2: Explain what the situation is today and how the government is currently addressing the issue.
Paragraph 3: Explain how the current issue and attempted solutions are similar and/or different from the 1970s.

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