Assignment 8.1: Write a one (1) page paper with clearly defined terms, topic, and developed thesis in which you compare Don Quixotes actions to those of the knight in The Grey Palfrey from The Fabliaux (Week 2, Session 4). Explain how the knights are similar or different and how they view virtue and honor. Be sure to use quotes from the texts to support your argument. Use ONLY the texts we have read thus far to make your argument.
DRAW SPECIFICALLY FROM THE TEXT. DO NOT REFERENCE OUTSIDE SOURCES (Google, Wikipedia, student guides, encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc.). DO NOT PLAGIARIZE. Plagiarism results in an “F” on the paper, and the paper and it cannot be re-done. A second instance of plagiarism results in automatic failure of the course.
USE STANDARD MLA STYLE (see MLA Style Sheet under “Class Information”).
Always create your own title for your assignment (do not call it Assignment 8 or “Don Quixote”) and double-space all writing.

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