Research and share the URL of one (1) article from Google OR the McMaster Library that is related to the Contract Law as noted in
Specifically, “Contract Law -Elements, Principles, and Applications” (located on page 9 of 14) related to the following topics:
Essential elements of contracts
General principles of contract formation: invitation to treat, offer, acceptance
Agreements to agree, letters of intent, memorandum of understanding
Amendment of contracts
Waiver and estoppel
Quantum meruit
Breach of contract
Remedies for breach of contract; damages
Termination of contract
Repudiation and anticipatory breach
Principles of interpretation of contracts
1) Share the URL of the article
2) Explain the importance of the article
3) Explain how the chosen article is connected with “Contract Law -Elements, Principles, and Applications” topic
4) Recommendation: Explain how the chosen article can be improved to better educate the viewer on the topic that you’ve identified.
*** Similar to previous posts, you will need to provide strong rationale and references to support your arguments. ***

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