In our video from class this Wednesday,  Professor Emeritus Andrew Szasz presents a narrative of climate change from a sociological perspective. After watching the film and reading your textbook chapters, please explain how sociological theory could impact collective attempts to change the behavior of individuals, institutions, and entire societies. (
In your post, please include 3 relevant sociological ideas from our textbook, highlighted in bold. You may consider the entirety of the concepts that you have learned over the course of this term in Sociology 1, from Module 1 through the end. (something like socialization,global warming, boundary work, policies, social norm, etc.)
Additionally, please include 2-3 points that Dr. Szasz makes in his talk, also highlighted in bold, that you think illustrate how the insights of sociology can alter conversations about the origins of and possible solutions to climate change.
Make sure that you provide a level of detail that clearly demonstrates that you have actually watched the film in its entirety (it’s very obvious when someone has not actually watched it).

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