. there has been a rise in addiction in the US with more people
using and abusing drugs. Addiction is expensive. The costs of addiction are a
drain on finances, family, friends, and life. According to the Surgeon General (2011),
addiction costs over $600B annually in increased healthcare, crime, and lost

Government investment in treatment programs
has been substantial over the past few decades. This increased investment
affects everyone in society. The federal government funds state treatment
programs; however, in challenging economic times (recession), the government
often cuts funding for these treatment programs. When funding is cut, treatment
facilities close.

Talk to an addictions counselor in your community
(phone, in person, email) or research about a local addiction facility. In an
essay, answer the following questions based on the counselors responses.
Explain how his or her treatment facility has been
affected due to cuts in funding for addictions treatment.
Describe the types of programs that are typically cut
because of reduced funding, and explain the impact of these cuts on
society as a whole, within communities, for families, and for the addicts.
Your essay should provide a thorough assessment of the societal impact at
each of these levels.

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