Allison, the Intake Coordinator at New Directions, LLC, completed an intake with Abiha. Abiha is a 35-year-old, mother of 2, and came to the United States from Saudi Arabia 2 years ago. Abiha stated to Allison that she has difficulty speaking in complete sentences in English and can understand the English language when it is spoken to her slowly. After completion of the intake process, Allison walks Allison to your office where you have been assigned to begin working with her, based upon her primary need for seeking general mental health services. You take the following notes when interacting with Abiha:
Client is having trouble adjusting to some aspects of American culture.
Client indicates that she understands that her Constitutional rights mean that she is equal to her male counterparts. The client states that, growing up in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, was difficult and that women are viewed as ‘second class’ citizens. The client states, “…the effects of being viewed as ‘less than’ continue to haunt me to this day.
At work, client states that she feels that Islamic beliefs are not parallel to that of many of her co-workers who appear to have Christian beliefs and sometimes shun away from her.
Directions: You are the Human Services Professional that will be working with Abiha and will be developing a plan of care with her at the next visit. In a two-page, double-spaced paper, discuss the following:
Explain how culture, language, and gender dynamics can impact communication when working with vulnerable clients, particularly those dealing with issues Abiha is dealing with.
What are Abiha’s needs and how would you address each of her needs in a culturally-appropriate manner?
Page length: 2 pages minimum Also, please ensure that you have cited all facts throughout your work with parenthetical in-text citations and that you have a Reference Page at the end of your work.

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