Hello, please reedit the essay related to the one of the following topics.
1.Explain Socrates’ philosophic way of life.  Do you agree with the American philosopher John Chafee when he calls Socrates one of the “models of humanity”?  Make sure you discuss the concepts of Socratic Method and Socratic Irony in your paper.
2.Retell the story of the Ring of Gyges.  What point is Plato trying to make with that story?  Do you agree or disagree with that point?
3.Evaluate one of the arguments for God’s existence (e.g., cosmological, fine-tuning, moral, etc.).  What are the strengths and weaknesses of the argument?  What is your assessment of the argument?
4,Explain and evaluate cultural relativism.  Provide examples to illustrate your claims.  Make sure you compare the theory with that of moral absolutism.
5.Discuss and evaluate the ethical theories of ancient Greece.  Which theory do you find to be the most persuasive and why?  Include examples in your discussion.
6.Compare and contrast two of the following ethical theories:  utilitarianism, Kantian ethics, divine command theory, Buddhist ethics, virtue ethics, secular humanism, and Transhumanism.  Which theory do you find to be more persuasive?  Be sure to give examples and criticisms of your position.
7.Compare and contrast science with religion.  Are they compatible, or are they incommensurable ways of knowing?  Is one superior to the other?  Can there be conflicts between the two?  If so, describe the conflict and explain how it can be resolved.
Discuss and evaluate the works of James Randi, Michael Shermer, and Paul Kurtz.  What are they trying to do and how are they going about it?  Do you agree with their missions?
8.Compare and contrast empiricism and rationalism.  Which position do you find to be more reasonable?  Does it depend on what kind of knowledge we’re trying to acquire (e.g., mathematical, scientific, theological, ethical, etc.)?  Are the two modes of inquiry contradictory or complementary?
9.Explain and evaluate Immanuel Kant’s transcendental idealism.  Compare and contrast it with empiricism and rationalism.  Of the three epistemological theories, which one do you find to be the most persuasive and why?
10.Discuss and evaluate one of the theories against God’s existence (e.g., conflicting truth claims, social upbringing, evolutionary arguments, etc.).  Do you find it to be persuasive and why?  Make sure you substantiate your position.
11.Discuss and evaluate the three theories of life’s meaning:  theism, nihilism, and subjectivism.  Which theory do you find to be the most persuasive and why?
12.Summarize and discuss Thomas Kuhn’s views regarding the nature and conduct of science.  Include discussions of paradigms, anomalies, revolutions, and the role of the scientific community.  Compare his view of science with that of Karl Popper’s.
13.Discuss the Intelligent Design and Evolution controversy.  Do you think that ID should be taught in school?  If so, what kind (e.g., public, private, college, elementary, etc.)  Specifically, should ID be taught in biology classes alongside evolution, or should it be taught in a humanities/philosophy/religion class?  Substantiate your position.

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