Go to http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/hopper/ . Search for Antiphon in the search bar (at the top right of the page) and select Speeches (English). Select the first speech (Against the Stepmother, for Poisoning). View text chunked by Speech (at the left of the screen) and read the speech, with particular attention to paragraphs 9 and 14-20.
1. In paragraph 9, The stepmother of the speaker claimed to be giving her husband (the speaker’s father) a love potion. What was it actually? (1 point)
2. In paragraphs 14-20, what did Philoneus plan for his mistress, a wrong from her perspective? (1 point)
3. Does it appear that this action (of Philoneus) would be wrong from the perspective of the male jury? Provide one reason why the text supports your answer. (2 points)

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