Prompt 1
Today in the lecture we discussed how national governments, private industry, and space proponents are pushing and funding Mars colonization efforts. Do you think this is worthwhile? Should we be committing our resources to this? Should we instead be spending that money on climate mitigation? Or should we be doing both? Provide your response (150-250 words) in the form of a letter to your local Congressional representative (see (Links to an external site.)), supporting your opinion with some of the sources discussed today or in your own investigation.
Prompt 2
Imagine the following scenario: one country (say the US) decides on its own to conduct solar radiation management to reduce surface temperatures in central California that are destroying agriculture there. A few years later, another country (say India) has a devastating drought as a result of this action. How would this unintended consequence be handled on a global stage? Is the US responsible for these damages? If so, who decides this, and what are the reparations? Answer this in the form of a 150-250 word future news report that describes how this situation is resolved (or not!)

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