The questions for your essay.
Since the onset of the pandemic, many central banks have reduced the interest rates or have been applying unconventional monetary policies in response to the global slowdown.
1- Do you think that these measures are being effective? (1 point)
2- What could be the pros and cons of these measures? (2 points)
At the same time, governments around the world are applying fiscal stimulus plans.
3- What could be the pros and cons of these fiscal stimulus plans? (2 points)
If emerging currencies were depreciated in the coming months…
4- What effects could these depreciations produce in these emerging economies? (1 point )
Considering the effects that these depreciations could produce in these emerging economies,
5- What economic policies would it be recommended to apply to maintain economic stability? (2 points)
6- What would be the potential negative effects of these kinds of policies? (2 points)
The essay is individual, must be original, and the maximum length must be 4 pages (Arial 12, 1,15 line spacing).

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