1. Do you think that sex or violence on television influences how promiscuous or violent our society becomes? Do the sexual stereotypes in commercials and advertisements shape our attitudes toward gender relations? What do you think can be done about this?
2. REAL RESEARCH 18.5: The National Health and Social Life Survey found a substantial discrepancy between men’s and women’s interest in fellatio. Although 45% of men reported receiving fellatio as very appealing, only 17% of women found giving it appealing (Monto, 2001). Not surprisingly, fellatio is the most requested sexual behavior from sex workers (Monto, 2001).
Do you think there might be any age, sexual orientation, or ethnic/racial differences? Explain. Why do you think fellatio is the most requested sexual behavior from prostitutes?
3. REAL RESEARCH 18.1: Even with Internet blocks and filters, 70% of teenagers (10–17 years old) claim to have viewed pornography on the Internet (Delmonico & Griffin, 2008).
At what age did you first realize there was porn on the Internet? Do you remember your reaction to this discovery? How might Internet porn influence teens psychologically, sexually, etc.? Are there possible benefits?
4. The United States is the second largest destination and market country in the world for women and children trafficked by the sex industry. If you were to design a strategy to reduce trafficking in the United States, what would you do?

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