Give an example of a recent purchase experience in which you were
dissatisfied because a firms Marketing Mix did not meet your
expectations. Indicate how the
purchase fell short of your expectations and also explain whether your
expectations were formed based on the firms promotion or something
1B.Distinguish clearly between a Marketing Strategy and a Marketing Mix. Use an Example to illustrate the concepts.
1C. What are the social and ethical issues a company should consider when entering a foreign market?
a solid understanding of concepts, techniques, and tools in Marketing,
including marketing segmentation, product life cycle, MIS systems, supply chain
management and targeting, positioning, and marketing research.

exceptional written and oral communication skills consistent with a
professional marketing environment.
is able to create and criticize marketing strategies that reflect
environmental, competitive, creative, globalization, ethical and diversity
resources include a significant number of peer-reviewed sources and correctly
cited in the APA citation style.

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