PARAGRAPH 1: Background information on the thread of literature chosen. Here, provide evidence of historical and trend information from the past to suggest how the problem came to be what it is today. The problem did not just start today, show how it came to be. Here, you can cite older sources than 5-years.
PARAGRAPH 2: Deeper dive into the thread that logically flows to the research gap in the literature. Help the reader to understand exactly what is the gap in the literature and how bad or big the gap is. What is the concern(s) that have not been, and need to, be addressed with more research.
PARAGRAPH 3: Discussion connecting deeper dive findings in previous paragraph to the research problem. Show the connection between the gap and the need for more research. You might suggest what type of data (qualitative) is required to provide information that will help others to address the problem and fill the gap in the literature. No citations older than 5-years in this paragraph.
• Discussion identifies and summarizes current, most relevant and significant research on the topic/issue under study
• Presents a logical credibly supported argument connecting findings in this brief review of the literature to the research problem
This should include citations from at least 10 articles. Include the 4 articles in the chosen thread. Identify 6 more studies for a total minimum of 10 studies to develop of matrix of ‘what is known’ in the literature. This should be demonstrated by providing a statement about the body of existing literature on the topic, then, summarizing recent research findings on the topic, highlighting the findings that are most relevant to your proposed study, demonstrating how your proposed research could add to the existing literature on the topic. Be sure to provide appropriate in text citations and include references in the reference section.

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