One important purpose of studying the history of emergency management is to understand the dynamic nature of the field. History has demonstrated that we must continually adapt and apply lessons learned from every disaster and emergency situation. Emergency management requires practitioners to be vigilant, lifelong learners who are willing to participate in ongoing training and professional development. Two additional goals of this program are to reinforce the importance of maintaining current certifications and credentials and to create a professional development plan. The plan will help you acquire the additional training and certification you will need to advance in your career and make sure you are prepared with the latest strategies and techniques available in your field.
In 850-1,000 words, discuss your role as an emergency management professional related to the ethical and moral obligations to promote the common good for just distribution of resources and protecting individuals and community from harm.
Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide
(On the rubric, don’t worry about the certification. That’s completed.)

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