This assignment requires students to analyze a case relevant to the vulnerabilities that were exploited, and recovery measures pursued, in the Equifax incident.
Required Materials
Srinivasan, S., Pitcher, Q., & Goldberg, J. S. (2017). Data breach at Equifax. Harvard Business School Publishing.
Review readings from unit 1.
Thoroughly read the case. It is recommended that you read 2-3 times.

Prepare a 5-page report (12-point font, double spaced not including the title page or reference page), that addresses the following questions:
Identify the key factors that created the weak security situation in a company.
Discuss vulnerabilities that were exploited in Equifax incident. Provide assessment of appropriate organizational and security controls that were put in place by the company before the breach.
Consider the measures the company has taken to recover from the incident.
Evaluate post-attack security measures. Discuss and prioritise the risks.
Could have this incident been prevented
Evaluate the companys response to this incident and the measures proposed by US government. Which of these measures can be adopted by other companies?

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